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Educating Customers

Educating Customers, Omaha, NE

Jensen Service Evolves from Repairing Motors to Educating Customers
by Stephanie Critser

BrothersJensen Service and Diagnostic has evolved from a small mechanic shop of the 1950's to a full-scale service and diagnostic center, handling most automotive issues excluding paint and bodywork.
Mike Jensen, who owns the business with his brother Dave, said that the shop has been successful because employees leave everything up to the customer to make an educated decision.
"We're as busy as we are - servicing an average of 20 vehicles a day - because we're honest with the customer," he said. "Dave, Roger Manley and I are certified drivability technicians, and the customer always talks to one of us."
"Customers don't have to deal with a secretary or service writer. If customers are educated by us, then maybe they can spot a problem before it happens. Customers are our family and we treat them accordingly."
This means knowing customers, if not by their first and last names, then definitely by their car.
"I know about all of the customers on a first and last name basis," Jensen said. "The others I can match the car to their face."
"A lot of what you do in the automotive service industry is a result of how the customer feels. You could have the best technicians, but if customers don't feel good about the experience and how they were treated it doesn't matter."
Jensen said that Jensen Service and Diagnostic tells a customer exactly what is wrong and give a free estimate before any work is done.
"Our estimates include tax and are less than $10 off on a bill for work under $1000," he said. "There's no guesswork or sticker shock for customers, because they know what the cost will be before they get back to the shop."
"If we find four or five other problems while doing an oil change, we'll inform the customer and rate the items on importance. We include prices, and this enables a customer to know what the projected damage is as well as what needs to be fixed first."
"The industry has such a bad reputation that if you're straight up with the customers they really appreciate it. They tend to act on most repairs if you build up an honest rapport with them."
The family-owned shop has three other technicians besides Mike and Dave Jensen. Their father, Jack Jensen, is still employed by the company he stated, towing in cars and doing minor repairs. His wife, Fran, does the shop's bookkeeping.
"I've been doing this since I was 14, so I enjoy the job because I'm good at it," Mike Jensen said. "Dave and I are very picky about our own vehicles, so we feel the same what about customers' cars."
"You'll never find two brothers more particular about vehicles and maintenance. We can tell a customer if another service department has botched a repair or didn't revel a problem until the warranty was expired, simply because we have been doing this for so long. If customers aren't informed, they won't know what to look for and can be under the false assumption that a service department is looking out for their best interests."
Jensen Service and Diagnostic has been in business since 1956 when brothers Jack and Bob Jensen opened a shop at 72nd and Blondo. They purchased the lot at 120th Street in 1966 and moved the business. A third brother, Roy, joined the business in 1966.
The three brothers purchased a location on 132nd Street in 1970 and kept it until Bob and Roy Jensen retired. Jack Jensen then sold the business on 132nd Street and kept operating the 1307 S. 120th St. location until his sons decided to purchase it from him.
Mike Jensen received a bachelor's degree from St. Johns University in Minnesota. Dave Jensen played football for the Huskers while earning a degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.
The brothers also went to Southeast Community College in Milford to receive automobile repair degrees, They came to work full time at the shop in 1993, ran the business for two years under the close watch of their father and purchased it in 1995.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Jensen Diagnostic is very trustworthy. Our 2011 Toyota Corolla was leaking oil. The dealership said it would cost $2,142 to repair. We sought a second opinion from Jensen Diagnostic. They said it was a minor repair....basically it just needed an oil change for $37. It was completed the same day and hasn't leaked oil since. Jensen saved us more than $2,000! We are very grateful.

, 02/17/2021


We were recommended by a different mechanic to visit Jensen Service for a big electrical problem our car was having. I am so glad we had them look into it because they were able to find the problem within the day and had it fixed and running like new again that same week. Prices are fair as well! Would recommend these friendly guys and we plan to use them again in the future for any vehicle repairs. It's a huge relief finding a mechanic you can trust! Thank you Jensen Service!

, 12/23/2020


Never have any problems with these guys. Van always gets fixed right and in a timely manner. I appreciate that.

, 10/07/2020


Our family has used Jensen Service & Diagnostic for several years on our Honda Accords and our Duramax equipped pickup with zero come-backs. I drive my vehicles up to 1200 miles a week for work. I'm always confident in their work when I hit the road after each appointment. They also treat my wife and children with respect when they bring their cars in for work. If you're looking for professionally performed repairs and maintenance in a clean, comfortable environment this family-owned business is worth checking out.

, 09/07/2020


I have to give the guys a Jensen a giant shout out. My dealer told me my car required a brake job and quoted me $1900. I thought this sounded steep so declined and took the car over to Jensen to get it repaired, knowing it would be less and the job would be done right. To my surprise I receive a call and they told me my car did not required repair for a least another 15,000 miles. Jensen, thank you for your honesty. I will be back in 15,000 miles!

, 08/15/2020


We moved down to Missouri almost 8 years ago but still come back to visit family. We used Jensen Service before we moved, due to their honesty and always being upfront (if something needed to be repaired but didn't need it right away they would tell you upfront) we still come back to them if we have an issue that can wait till we get here. We also trust them so much we send our daughter (that moved back here) to them for service because we know they will not take advantage of her since she has no working knowledge of vehicles. Thank you very much Dave and Mike for your past service and honesty!

, 06/02/2017

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