Why is My Check Engine Light On?

Nothing disrupts a nice drive like when that orange or yellow check engine light comes on.  The good news is most of the time it’s not a major problem when that light comes on.  The best thing to do is to bring your vehicle into a locally trusted Omaha auto repair shop and get it checked out. We have the diagnostic tools to quickly find out what the problems is, take care of it, and get you back on the road. When it comes to auto repair in Omaha we’ve built a reputation over the past 62 years as a trusted go-to vehicle repair shop.

Here is a list of the most common reasons that pesky check engine light comes on.

Spark Plugs/Wires Need Replacing 

The spark plugs/wires provide combustion in your engine. If you ignore them for too long, you’ll notice some reduced performance. In addition, you could clog up your catalytic converter, damage the O2 sensors and mess with the ignition coils.

Mass Airflow Sensor Needs a Check

This device measures the air going into your engine, then determines how much fuel is needed to run your vehicle efficiently. When this sensor is off, your car uses more gas, and that can put unnecessary strain on certain components.

Oxygen Sensor Trouble

Your oxygen sensor measures how much unburned oxygen flows through the exhaust system. When it’s not working you burn more fuel and risk damaging the spark plugs.

The Catalytic Converter Needs Help

This part of your vehicle converts carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. When it’s off, your engine runs hotter. You’re sure to fail any emissions test if this is the problem.

At the end of the day, if your check engine light comes on don’t sweat it. Bring your vehicle to Jensen Service & Diagnostic and we’ll take a look at it.  Like we said, most of the time it’s a minor problem, but if left unaddressed, over time, it may become a big problem. We’re local, family owned, and have been the word of mouth go to Omaha car care provider for over 62 years. We can’t wait to see you! 402-333-9999

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