Sub-Zero Driving Tips

There’s still sub-zero driving conditions in Omaha. Everything is more prone to breaking and stressing when the temps drop below zero. As Omaha car care specialist for the past 50 plus years, we’ve seen what the cold weather can do. Many drivers focus on antifreeze and batteries in cold weather, but there are other things to pay attention to as well when the temperature drops to extreme lows.

Existing problems like pings, hard starts, rough idling, and sluggish performance are magnified in very cold temperatures. If you’re noticing more new sounds and poor performance in cold weather it would be an ideal time to pinpoint the problem before it gets out of hand.

6 Tips for Better Vehicle Performance in the Cold Months


  • Gas Tank – Keep the gas tank half full. This will decrease the chance of moisture forming in the gas lines and freezing.
  • Tire Pressure – Regularly check your tire pressure, including your spare. Tires lose pressure in cold extremes.
  • Exhaust System – Have your exhaust system checked for carbon monoxide leaks. They can be dangerous in cold weather driving conditions when windows are closed.
  • Warm Up – Give your car some time to warm up when temperatures are below freezing. Give the oil in the engine and transmission time to circulate and get warm.
  • Low-Viscosity Oil – Using a low-viscosity oil in winter will flow more easily between moving parts when it’s cold. Dropping oil weight from 10-W30 to 5-W30 is an option for the winter months.
  • Washer Fluid – Cold weather washer fluid and special windshield blades can help improve vision in cold weather conditions.

Always have an emergency kit with an ice scraper and snow brush, jumper cables, flashlight, blanket, extra clothes, bottled water, dry food snacks, and medicine kit when traveling in extreme cold.

Omaha Auto Repair

 If you want peace of mind while driving in the extreme cold this Winter drop by our shop. We’ll make sure your vehicle is winter ready. If you’re noticing any strange sounds Winter is a great time to get them repaired. Sometimes the cold weather magnifies the problem so we can pinpoint it efficiently and take care of it before it worsens. Call to make an appointment or drop on in, and we’ll get you taken care of. See you soon!

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