Omaha Auto Repair Experts Stress Seat Belt Safety

Seat belt safety is something many of us have been taught from a young age. There are some, however, who don’t think seat belt safety is important or life-saving. Seat belts and the laws meant to enforce their use are in place to protect drivers and passengers in the event of an accident, and our auto repair Omaha team is committed to educating our customers on seat belt safety.

At Jensen Service & Diagnostic, our auto repair shop often sees evidence of drivers who do not take seat belt safety seriously. When buckling the seat belt in an effort to turn the seat belt light off and then sitting on the seat belt, drivers are missing out of the full safety features of the vehicle. Not only is the seat belt, in itself, meant to protect the driver and passengers, but it’s also meant to work with the airbag to hold the driver and passenger in place while the air bag cushions the shock upon the immediate stop of the vehicle. If the air bag deploys without the help from the seat belt, the odds of surviving a crash are slim-to-none.

seat belt safetyNebraska law requires the driver, each front-seat occupant in the vehicle and all children six years of age and less than 18 years of age must wear a properly adjusted seatbelt. A study by Nebraska’s Department of Transportation shows that as the rate of wearing a seatbelt has increased since around 1999, the death rate decreased.

By choosing not to wear a seat belt, drivers and passengers are exposing themselves to extreme danger and possible death in the event of an accident. Take it from our Omaha car repair and car service experts, do not buckle the seat belt under you. Seat belts save lives so please buckle up over you, not under.

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