New Fuel Pump, Clean Gas Tank

When the fuel pump stops working, the car stops moving. It’s likely that during the lifetime of your vehicle, you will need to replace the fuel pump. When putting in a new fuel pump, our Omaha auto repair technicians also clean the gas tank.

Cleaning the gas tank avoids damaging the new fuel pump, protecting you from paying hundreds of dollars in parts and labor no more than necessary. A clean gas tank also ensures maximum engine performance and fuel efficiency. The fuel tank should be properly cleaned to clear old debris, dirt and contaminants that have accumulated at the bottom of the tank. Particularly for DIY vehicle owners, it’s critical not to forget this step.

Anyone who tries to replace the fuel pump themselves should remember they’re dealing with gasoline and gasoline fumes, so any work should be done in a very well-ventilated area. Mechanics can run diagnostics to make sure that the problem has been properly identified. If it is the fuel pump failing, they have the tools and parts necessary to do a complete job.

The original fuel pump that came with the vehicle when you purchased it went into a clean gas tank, so it only makes sense to put your replacement fuel pump into a clean gas tank, as well.

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