Cold Weather Vehicle Care

When winter arrives in Omaha, drivers take special precautions for their vehicle. Drivers may consider checking tire tread, switching to anti-freeze windshield wiper fluid, getting an effective ice scraper and regularly heating up the vehicle before it drives. And while it’s widely agreed upon that you should have good thread on tires, that anti-freeze wiper fluid is important and scraping windshield ice is best for safety – there are a couple schools of thought for heating a vehicle before driving.

You’ve likely been told time and time again to heat up your vehicle before driving. But truthfully, our Omaha auto repair team doesn’t see any need to do this for most vehicles. Most vehicles have an electronic fuel injection system that helps provide normal throttle response, no matter the temperature. As long as this is the case with your vehicle, our auto repair team recommends to Omaha drivers that they do not heat up a vehicle before driving; but also do not advise full-throttle, high-RPM use on a cold engine.

Many owner’s manuals will recommend driving immediately in cold winter weather, but if there’s any question please give our Omaha care repair shop a call. We’re also happy to inspect your vehicle to make sure you and your family stay safe this winter.

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