Checking Tires for Winter Safety

Tire condition is critical for year-round safety. Summer, winter, rain, snow, sun – your tires should have sufficient pressure and tread to keep your family safe. And with winter weather fast approaching, take a serious look at the condition of your tires.

Our Omaha car repair team will remind you it’s important to keep track of your tire pressure as temperatures get colder. Tire pressure can drop along with the air temperature, losing up to one pound per square inch with every 10-degree drop in air temperature. Low tire pressure could also mean premature tire wear, potential tread separation, and a car that handles less predictably.
In all seasons, driving with incorrect tire pressure can affect a vehicle’s handling and braking, particularly in wet conditions. Driving on severely under-inflated tires can cause heat build-up and eventually a premature failure. Check your tire pressure monthly and before every long trip.

Tread is the other factor. A tire with no tread will not get a vehicle through snow. The deeper the tire grooves the easier the vehicle can maneuver through the snow. Winter tires may also be a good option, considering Omaha winter weather can be wet and cold – packing ice and snow into roads for months. Winter tires are designed to provide optimum performance when cornering, braking and driving uphill or downhill in snowy and icy winter conditions. The right tire combined with safe driving is critical for safety all-year-round.

Tire condition is so important for the safety of your vehicle and family. At the very least, please call our Omaha auto repair team so we can assess your safety before serious weather hits.

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