5 Summer Auto Repair Tips

Summer brings some of the best time for driving. The great weather and vacation time gets everyone back on the road again. Before you hit the road make sure your vehicle is up to date on all the basics. There’s nothing worse than planning a road trip that ends with a tow truck. Come to our shop and we’ll make sure you are road ready. When you need auto repair in Omaha you can count on Jensen – proudly serving Omaha since 1956.

  1. Oil Change – The basic of the basics. If you’re due for an oil change your engine will love you for it. Make sure your vehicle is running in pristine shape. Old oil or dirty filters can reduce your car’s efficiency and gas mileage.
  2. Coolant Check – If you’re low or out of coolant there may be a leak in one of your hoses. Excess heat causes problems in the summer, especially when you’re running the AC a lot. If your car can’t cool itself properly trouble awaits. Make sure your coolant is at the appropriate level.
  3. Brake Check – There’s no snow in the summer, which means people are driving faster. Greater speed means it takes more time to bring your vehicle to a stop. If your brakes aren’t good, then you’re going to encounter problems. Have us take a look at your brake pads and rotors next time you stop by the shop.
  4. Battery Basics – The cold Nebraska winter stresses batteries, and the heat is no different. Excess heat can speed up the chemical reaction inside a battery, causing it to become overcharged. This can shorten the lifespan. Keep your terminals clean and make sure the battery is secure.
  5. Tire Care – Hot summer temps can increase tire pressure, so make sure your tires are always properly inflated. Equally important is the tread – make sure it’s wearing evenly with a proper balancing and rotation.

Enjoy the summer Nebraska summer and come see us if you think you’re having an issue or just need some regular maintenance.  See you soon! (402) 333-9999

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