3 Reasons Your Car Might Be Leaking Oil

When you notice oil stains on your garage floor that’s never a good feeling. Oil is the lifeline to your car’s engine, and when it starts losing oil you should find out why. The easiest and safest thing to do is to bring your vehicle to a trusted Omaha auto repair shop. We can get into the hard to get places and pinpoint the leak. We’ve been helping locals find oil leaks for over 50 years.

Bad Installations

If you recently had your oil changed and are noticing new leaks, then the problem might be a loose gasket. This is one of the most common reasons people experience oil leaks. This can happen when an oil pan gasket or valve cover gasket is over-tightened. The over-tightening causes the gasket to get “squished” which creates a place for oil to escape. The same thing can happen when replacing an oil filter. The good news is these leaks are easy fixes.


Holes are another common sources of oil leaks. They can occur on a brand new gasket which is always frustrating.  It’s more common to find holes in older gaskets or seals that are in higher heat and stress areas. Head gaskets or your rear main seal are common areas. Your oil pan lid can also get punctured and cause leaks.

Engine Trauma

Although it’s much less common, a cracked cylinder head or engine block could be a source of leaking oil. You might no even notice any oil on the engine or ground when this happens. Typically, in this case your oil is leaking into your coolant system. One way to see if this is happening would be to check your oil cap and coolant cap. One or both will be muddy brown.

Auto Repair in Omaha

Jensen’s has been helping Omaha locals find and repair oil leaks since 1956. Stop by the shop or call for an appointment today. (402) 333-9999

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