2019 Safe Driving Resolutions

As the New Year begins, countless Americans will make resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, and end various bad habits. But few, if any, make one of the most important resolutions possible – to drive with more focus and safety in mind. Over 40,000 die in automobile accidents every year. 4.6 million get injured. We can do a lot better. When our customers are looking for auto repair in Omaha, we want to service their vehicle because of natural wear and tear, not because they’ve been in an accident.  Here are some tips we all can keep in mind to be safer on the roads in 2019.

Don’t Drive Distracted

Driving while distracted may be the top reason automobile accidents occur. This is especially true for younger drivers. Make sure you stay focused on the road by never eating while you drive. The food is still going to taste good later. Never look at your phone to read a text message or try to type one. Turn down the music. You need to be able to hear approaching emergency vehicles. Never reach for a dropped item on the floor, wait until you’ve stopped the vehicle. Keep the pets in the back seat. Driving with Fido on your lap is a great way to lose focus.

Drive Defensively

You might remember the saying that you should be a defensive driver. This means slow down and adjust to your driving environment. Keep the 2-second rule between you and the car in front of you at all times. Don’t assume other drivers are paying attention. Always be anticipating a lapse in focus in other drivers on the road. The more you’re engaged with your driving conditions and other drivers the safer outcome you’ll have.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Make sure your vehicle is always in a safe operating condition. Keep up to date with routine inspections and maintenance by a mechanic you trust. Basic maintenance includes:

  • Oil and filter
  • Brakes and brake lights
  • Suspension, steering, and alignment
  • Good wiper blades
  • Hoses and belts
  • Transmission and fluids
  • Radiator, coolant, and hoses

Omaha Car Care

Here’s to all of being better and safer drivers in 2019. Stop by the shop if you’re in need of any of those maintenance checks on the list or anything else auto-related. We’ve been proudly serving Omaha for over 50 years now. Happy New Year!

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