2019 Omaha Winter Driving Prep

The first Winter storms of the year are
arriving, and with them comes tougher driving conditions. When it gets cold,
machines have a harder time working, so making sure the machine you depend on
most is up to date with maintenance will save you a lot of trouble once the
temps drop. Drop by the shop and make sure your vehicle is Winter ready and
avoid the headache of mid-Winter repairs and breakdowns. We’re going to take a
look at some things it would be wise to address before Winter takes hold.

How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter

If you already haven’t gotten a tune-up in the
Fall, now is a good time. Your Summer tires should be switched out to your
Winter tires if you don’t have all-season tires that can handle Omaha Winter
conditions. Get your exhaust system checked for leaks, and your radiator and
hoses inspected for cracks and leaks. Get your oil changed and top off your

  • Make sure your heater is
  • Check your windshield
  • Fill your wiper fluid
  • Put chains in your trunk
    for emergency road conditions

Have an Emergency Plan

Along with preparing your vehicle, you need to
prepare yourself. Always check road conditions before leaving the house if it’s
been storming. Keep your fuel tank at least half full during Winter. If you’re
ever forced to the side of the road to wait out a storm having a heater is
critical. Keep a car phone charger in your car at all times. Keep a vehicle
survival kit in your vehicle that includes extra blankets, food, and water.

Auto Repair in Omaha

If you haven’t already prepped your vehicle for
Winter, you still have time. Stop by the shop, and we’ll make sure your car is
Winter ready. There may be some simple adjustments here, and there can pay off
big when the road conditions get bad. You should always keep up with your
vehicle’s maintenance, but the stakes are a little higher during Winter. Be
safe out there!

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